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  1. “The Weight of Money: 3 Secrets to melt away debt, fat, and stress NOW!…so you can experience financial and physical health and wellness immediately!”
  2. Financial worries are the number one cause of stress in America today. Stress is the primary cause of physical and emotional dis-ease, including heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, inflammatory illnesses, anxiety, depression, and weight gain. In this 20-minute presentation, Janis discusses three breakthrough secrets that you can implement immediately for your financial and physical health.

  3. “Fabulous and Fat-Free Forever: 3 secrets to not only getting fit, slim, and energetic…but also staying that way FOREVER!
  4. A vast majority of people want help in finding out why they can’t lose weight and keep it off. They know they have unconscious, self-sabotaging habits, but they don’t know how to break free of the suffering and overweight. They want to be slim, energetic, and healthy. They want to be confident, respected, and be the person they know they can be. They want to create a body and a life that they love and deserve. In this 20-minute presentation, Janis discusses three breakthrough secrets that you can implement immediately to create, maintain, and assure your physical health and well-being.

  5. “Build Your Personal Power Base: 2 simple steps to get out of your own way right now to reach your goals and increase your income right now”
  6. In this interactive, engaging presentation, participants will distinguish what maximizes and sabotages their personal power at a deep level. They will identify the cause of their unconscious, detrimental default habits and learn to uncover their hidden, authentic power for effective interaction with clients or team. They will receive insights and techniques to use immediately affect the following outcomes: Faster goal attainment, increased income, personal power, enhanced interpersonal relationships, reduced conflict and drama, reduced non-productive time, and increased ability to dissolve sabotage. (This is about 60 – 75 minutes normally, but I can shorten it to accommodate your group.)

  7. Other Topics as requested
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    Janis customizes talks for your group on various topics in the Wealth, Weight, and Leadership areas. Examples of talks she has delivered include these subjects:

    • Authentic Teamwork
    • Leadership and Delegation
    • Strategic Goal Setting
    • Self Care for Care Givers
    • Being-based Sales
    • Women in Transition
    • What Olympians and Executives Have in Common
    • “Name the Game – Distinguishing Context”

    About Janis:
    Janis PullenAs an Executive Mastery Coach, Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, M. Acct., retired C.P.A., and retired Senior Sales Director, Janis has taught hundreds of people to grow their businesses, achieve excellence, and flourish in life.

    Janis empowers and leads professionals to triumph in their physical and financial fitness, including weight, wealth, and leadership. Releasing 50 pounds in the 1990’s and being self-supporting for decades, Janis is passionate about helping people uncover their magnificence. She works with people who are committed to both personal and business success, including executives and entrepreneurs who struggle with feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, or overweight, so that they can clean up their money issues, leverage their time, and shed their financial or physical weight in order to have healthy, balanced, and abundant lives.

    Janis created and coaches the Weight of Money Breakthrough Programs, the O.W.L. Weight Loss Programs, the O.W.L. Weight Loss Coaching Certification Programs, the Keep It Off Club, and various other private and group coaching programs. She is a speaker, trainer, and published author.