Ontological Weight Loss (O.W.L.): Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Solution
2014 Wealth & Leadership Advanced Coach Training Program:
How to Create a 6-figure Coaching Business

Are you ready to attract clients easily and naturally, earn extraordinary income,
and build a successful coaching practice?

The next step is to take your business to the next level of success in terms of attracting clients easily and authentically, receiving the income you deserve, and structuring a business that provides stability, ease, consistency, and profitability.

This program is for you if you…or any other coach training program?

  • Are a graduate of the O.W.L. Certification and Training Program?
  • Want to create a successful business, even a 6-figure income?
  • Are ready to expand your expertise, confidence, and ability to be a courageous coach?
  • Are a new coach and have only a few clients and want to grow your practice?
  • Have many clients and want more ideal clients?
  • Intend to spring your business forward in the next 6 months?
  • Desire to transform a lack of confidence or lack of velocity?
  • Like the idea of boosting your power, speed, and confidence?
  • Have encountered blocks to having exponential income?
  • Want to increase leverage, ease, and profitability?
  • Yearn to build your weight loss coaching business easily, powerfully, and profitably?
  • Want to expand the services you offer to your clients at various income levels?
  • Understand the need to leverage your time and energy to increase profits with ease and grace?
  • Want to increase your clients’ success rate in health, fitness, or wellness?
  • Want support in helping clients to be able to stick to their program and get the results?
  • Have a vision to increase your income either now or in the future?
  • Want to continue your own transformational journey powerfully and permanently?


Becky J. BenesI am amazed at the unbelievable money and business breakthroughs I experienced while working with Janis. She was able to tap into a deeply rooted money sabotaging behavior that kept me stuck and not living life to the fullest. When Janis and I began her program, I was so proud that I had accumulated wealth but soon realized how I had squelched my dreams and desires out of fear of failure and success.

I also squelched my ability to enjoy the wealth I had accumulated because of old and debilitating beliefs. Since working with Janis my relationship with money has shifted and opened the doors for me to attract more income and to enjoy my family with special indulgences. I will be forever grateful for the joy Janis helped me to experience in life and my business.

Becky Benes, BBA, MPS, San Angelo, TX, Writer, Speaker, Sales Coach


Benefits of the O.W.L. Certification and Training Program©:

  • Enjoy a small group environment for customized learning (future groups will be larger)
  • Train with an Executive Mastery Coach and 6-figure business owner, who shares her expertise
  • Compilation of information from top international trainers’ and coaches’
  • Receive benefits you would have to pay 10 times more if hiring a private coach or
  • Up-level your success and income while creating velocity in your results
  • Attract more clients faster
  • Successfully turn Discovery Sessions to paying clients; increase your conversion rate
  • Step into confidence, power, at a higher level of expertise
  • Step into your full power as a coach; in-depth coach training to be a better coach
  • Troubleshoot the money blind spots that are likely causing an “invisible ceiling” on your income. (Surprisingly, this invisible ceiling exists at EVERY income level. Hearing what you need to break free will remove any limits on your financial freedom and inner worth.)
  • Expand your alternate or additional stream of income
  • Learn how to create a 6-figure business
  • Deeper and broader expertise as a coach
  • Sustained success with weight loss clients attracts more clients and more referrals
  • Learn how to integrate a menu of advanced, medium, and low investment packages to your business, including VIP Days, workshops, groups, couples, private platinum, etc.
  • Increased credibility, confidence, and ability to raise prices
  • Deeper understanding of clients and their struggles with ability to offer solutions that work
  • Improvement in your clients’ entire life, since how we do one thing is how we do everything!
  • Continued shifts of sabotage patterns to empower yourself in all areas of your own life too!
  • Review & integration of the components of the O.W.L. Certification & Training Program
  • Enhanced credentials
  • One or two private platinum client will recoup your investment



Dear Janis, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have appreciated our coaching over the last few months. I began with the intent of working on my business issues and to find other ways to grow my accounting practice. In addition, there have been so many other benefits that I have discovered. Your style is completely supportive. I now realize that business and life balance is the key. I look forward to continuing our sessions as my business grow. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Paul Stanford, Accountant, Enrolled Agent, Owner Padgett Business Services

Features of the Six-Month Program:

  • Personalized coaching on each call
  • Masterful coaching skills, tools, and techniques, both ontological and facilitative, personally taught by Janis Pullen, creator of O.W.L. and a highly-trained, experienced executive mastery coach who has struggled and triumphed with weight issues herself
  • Bi-monthly 60-90 minute telephone training calls from the comfort of your home or office
  • Calls recorded for your convenience, listen in the comfort of your home or office
  • Live telephone, audio, and video training components
  • Done-for-you instructor agendas, call formats, content, and outlines
  • Done-for-you client handouts, templates, assignments, menus, and practice exercises
  • Ontological and facilitative coaching tools & techniques so that you will know how to coach clients to success, even if they are stuck or discouraged
  • Business-building training, including how to attract, enroll, and register clients
  • Review and integration of the nine sabotage patterns which I distinguished and their remedies
  • How to keep clients on track and what to do if they get off track
  • Proven formulas and content
  • Obtain What On Earth Am I Going to Eat Today? for clients at wholesale prices
  • Obtain the Companion Journal for clients at wholesale prices
  • Both one-on-one coaching and group coaching methodologies
  • Sample topics:
    • Creating your 6-figure coaching business
    • Mastering Discovery Sessions with ease, confidence, and results
    • Profit pyramid; packages at all price points
    • Add-on offers and up sells
    • Money Breakthrough Coaching (money/income sabotages)
    • Creating social proof: testimonials, credentials, credibility
    • Distinguishing and strengthening your niche
    • Setting yourself apart from competitors; handling competition
    • Creating packages that sell and that you love to sell
    • Creating strong price points and how to navigate pricing dilemmas
    • Leveraging time and energy
    • Creating workshops and VIP Day
    • Designing your 6-month business building plan


Janis Pullen is an extraordinary coach. She has a gift for blending the skills of facilitative coaching – guiding, motivating and inspiring achievement at the highest levels- with the sensitivity and attunement of the ontological coach- providing the insight and emotional support that dissolves internal barriers to full self-expression and life satisfaction. I highly recommend her.

Gail Feldman, PhD, Albuquerque, NM, Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Coach

Bonuses valued at over $12,000.00

  • Customized enrollment call hosted by Master Enroller Janis to help you get new clients, which could ultimately pay for your investment (value priceless)
  • Invitation to audit the upcoming Certification & Training Program (value $6,997.00)
  • Keep It Off Club* training calls for yourself during your program (valued at $297.00)
  • Six gift memberships in the Keep It Off Club* for your clients (valued at $ 3,564.00)
  • Advanced components and deeper learning from the “ABC’s of Success in Business, Sacred Money Archetypes, and the “Weight of Money” programs including Pricing, Customized Strategic Design Plan, and Personal Power Base components (valued at $1,000.00)

Investment Details:

IT’S AN EASY “YES”! I’m so excited to offer this program to you at such an affordable investment, and I’m thrilled to work with you to grow your business to extraordinary profits and a fulfilling career.

The investment in the Advanced Training Program will be an easy “yes” for you, because you receive content, coaching, and training that you would have to pay 10 times as much elsewhere.

Just 1 or 2 new clients can pay for your investment!

I know you are as passionate as I am to make a difference in this world and to grow your business while you earn the income you desire. I want to teach you how!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Option 1 – Full-Pay:

Invest in full up front for $4,997 and save almost $500 compared to payment option. (BEST DEAL)

  • Secure my spot by processing in full at $4,997 ***
  • OR

  • Secure my spot via a $1,000 one-time, non-refundable deposit. The balance will be processed 30 days after deposit. Total investment $4,997 ***.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Option 2 – Payment Plan:

  • Secure my spot via a $1,000 one-time, non-refundable deposit and divide the remainder of my investment into 5 equal monthly payments of $897 beginning 30 days after deposit. Total investment is $5,485***.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Option 3 – Companies with Multiple Registrants:

  • Special savings for companies with several registrants!
    • Secure two spots at $8,997* and secure ________ spots at $1,497 = $_________**
      Total investment is $___________*** (add $8,997* plus **_________)

*** Early Bird Registration Savings – $500



Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! You made all the difference for me. Your love, guidance, and being a stand for me helped me to dive in head first, stay afloat, swim to the finish line, climb up the ladder to the high board, and dive in again. No cannon balls, just beautiful dives! Thank you so much for supporting me through my program, the year, and my life. I could not have done it without you. Not a line. I am so proud to be on my way. Yippy!!! You’re a great coach and friend.

~Steve Lorber, San Diego, CA, Attorney at Law

About Janis:

Uploaded : slide3Janis Charlton Pullen, Executive Mastery Business and Life Coach, Certified Money Coach, and retired C.P.A., has taught hundreds of people to grow their businesses and flourish in life through her roles as ontological and facilitative coach, C.P.A., college instructor, and senior sales director, trainer, and top recruiter with an international corporation.

Janis empowers and leads professionals to triumph in their physical and financial fitness, including weight, wealth, and leadership. Releasing 50 pounds in the 1990’s and being self-supporting for decades, Janis is passionate about helping people uncover their magnificence. She has grown several profitable businesses herself, including a 6-figure coaching business in which she teaches and trains others to build profitable, rewarding businesses for themselves.

Janis works with people who are committed to both personal and business success, including executives and entrepreneurs who struggle with feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, or overweight, so that they can clean up their money issues, leverage their time, and shed their financial or physical weight in order to have healthy, balanced, and abundant lives. Janis created and coaches the Weight of Money Breakthrough Programs, the ABC’s of Success in Business, the O.W.L. Weight Loss Programs, the O.W.L. Weight Loss Training & Certification Programs, the Keep It Off Club, and various other private and group coaching programs. She is a speaker, trainer, and published author.

Passionate about teaching physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness, Janis is an expert in making complex or emotional subjects simple and straightforward. She supports people in getting to the root cause of their issues, resulting in lasting change rather than a temporary fix.

Janis combines ontological (mindset) and facilitative (process) coaching techniques in order to create powerful and lasting results. She created the O.W.L. programs after dropping 50 pounds herself and keeping it off since the early 1990s. Her coaching and training experience expands international, national, regional, and local markets and includes individual, group, and corporate clients.

Janis is a dynamic speaker, talented trainer, and published author. She brings with her joy, compassion, serenity, and grace along with courage and leadership.

“I support extraordinary individuals and businesses who are dedicated to creating
incredible results and who are willing to reinvent themselves in order to do so.”


This is to recommend Janis Pullen. She is powerful and compassionate. She is wise and willing to listen. People relate to her and are inspired by her. She is professional, warm, and approachable. She knows her stuff as a leader. You will not be disappointed when you work with Janis. She is an extraordinary human being, and it has been my honor to receive her support and guidance. She is an exemplary combination of brilliance and heart.

~Hans Phillips, CEO, Ontologist, Santa Cruz, CA


The O.W.L. mission is to provide a once-in-a-lifetime program for people who have struggled and suffered with weight issues, so that they can live their lives with exponentially expanded joy and freedom.

We train coaches and weight loss professionals to build highly successful businesses, to be and to grow themselves as powerful coaches, and to teach their clients to love and respect themselves while dropping weight permanently and living the life of their dreams.


Our program transforms every participant to thrive with grace, ease, confidence, and fun in a body they love. Each participant receives inspiration, insights, support, tools, techniques, and a shift in the relationship to themselves, others, and reality. Each participant will complete the course and meet his/her desired results, including self-love, self-respect, peace of mind, joy, expanded health, vitality, energy, as well as weight loss.

Our program teaches coaches the O.W.L. signature system and how to step up powerfully, so that they can serve people worldwide while enjoying fulfilling, successful coaching practices and extraordinary income and results.

Contact information:

O.W.L. Weight Loss Certification Program
Janis Pullen, Executive Coach
(505) 281-2625 – office
(505) 220-8191 – mobile